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Zero: Smart, circular and sustainable waste management for large companies

What is Zero?

Zero is a digital platform in the cloud for multinational companies that are committed to the circularity and traceability of their waste. It lets you manage your entire value chain and make smart business decisions based on it.

Zero is the leading SaaS (Software as Service) in Spain, used by 10 large corporations in various sectors. Our SaaS is robust, secure and adaptable to a multitude of workflows, with specialised technical support and an in-house development team, and it’s constantly updated to ensure compliance with the current regulations.

As part of their Corporate Social Responsibility and in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the 2030 Agenda, companies must be managed with awareness of the impact that their activity generates on the environment. Measuring your impact in relation to all these factors and your path to decarbonisation, a circular production model or Zero Waste is possible with Zero.

Zero’s main features

Learn what Zero offers for managing your company waste


Digitalises and centralises everything in one place: Single Source of Truth (SSOT).

  • Accessible in the cloud and from any device (multiplatform).
  • Fluid and centralised communication with suppliers and employees.
  • Automates processes and prevents errors.
  • Creates alerts to comply with dates and regulations.
  • Defines roles and authorisation levels for different accesses (multi-user).
  • Allows document management to be outsourced with complete peace of mind.
  • Guarantees the flow of information to your collaborators from a single place.
  • Manages and controls your company’s waste worldwide (multi-language and multi-country).

Business decisions

By knowing the life cycle of your waste, you can reduce costs and control the waste generated by your company.

  • Dashboard with aggregated data and custom business indexes.
  • Adds value with data in real time.
  • Promotes environmental sustainability strategies in your company.
  • Establishes best practices for waste management.
  • Achieves the traceability of all waste, hazardous and non-hazardous, from its origin to its end point (quantity, type, destination, treatment, outflows, etc.)
  • Provides access to organised, practical information at your fingertips.

Documentation, CSR reports and audits

Lets you generate, supervise and process your waste documentation, knowing it is verified and compliant with current regulations.

  • Directly access your waste documentation (treatment contracts, transfer notifications, identification documents, historical data).
  • Send online documents faster to the competent agencies.
  • Organise all waste information, regardless of its format.
  • Generate reports with a single click.
  • Create custom alerts.
  • Verify your compliance with current regulations.

Technical support

Changes in workflows and software tools have a major impact on organisations. For this reason, whilst Zero is implemented, we provide a period of accompaniment and support for user assistance and to address any concerns.

In addition, our team of waste management experts collaborates with the client by providing operational support and helping to strengthen their environmental management skills.

Integration and security

Zero has APIs designed to connect the tool with other software (ERP, reporting tools, IoT solutions, etc.).

Confidentiality and availability of information are fundamental to TEIMAS and to our clients. That’s why we have an information security management system developed and certified according to the ISO27001 standards.

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Terms and conditions

Companies and sectors that are already using it

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Solar Impulse

Since April 2021 Zero has had the Solar Impulse Efficient Solution label, a recognition granted by the Swiss Solar Impulse foundation to products, services and technologies that, like Zero, are capable of protecting the environment in a cost-effective way while accelerating the transition to a carbon-free economy and sustainable economic growth.

This label recognises that Zero is a clean technological solution that helps companies to meet Sustainable Development Goals number 9 (‘Industry, innovation and infrastructure’) and 12 (‘Responsible consumption and production’).

To grant this label, a group of independent experts verified that Zero meets the highest standards of cost-effectiveness and environmental sustainability.

101 Business Examples #PorElClima

At the beginning of 2022 Zero, TEIMAS’ intelligent waste management software, was recognised in the fourth edition of the 101 Business Examples #PorElClima for its climate commitment and ambition. Measuring impact, reducing emissions, public reporting of actions and social mobilisation to meet the 2050 decarbonisation objectives were just a few of the areas considered for this recognition.