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Cookie policy

A cookie is an information file that the server of a website sends to the device (computer / smartphone / tablet) of the person who accesses its web pages, in order to store and retrieve information about the navigation that is carried out from it.

The website uses various types of technical and session cookies with the sole purpose of improving the user's browsing experience on this website, without advertising or similar purposes. The website does not collect personal data of any kind through the cookies.

At we use the cookies detailed below:

  • Session cookies, also called temporary cookies: guarantee the correct operation of the website. These types of cookies are stored in the temporary memory of the user's device and are deleted when the web browser is closed. The session cookie that we use at is PHPSESSID, and it is essential for the operation and security of this website.
  • Technical Cookies: they are necessary for the provision of services within a website. The technical cookies that we use at are Google Tag Manager to manage access measurement labels and Cookie Consent by Insites to inform our users the use of cookies and remember your consent or rejection of them.

If you want to delete the cookies from this or any other website, you can do so by following the instructions corresponding to the web browser you are using: