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Teixo automates waste management to save you time and money


The waste management software used by more than 700 centres throughout Spain

Teixo was developed exclusively for waste management companies, agents and dealers.

Teixo is a digital tool that fast-tracks administrative procedures, helping your company to save money. By automating and streamlining your operational and logistics procedures you’ll minimise manual tasks and avoid errors and fines, ensuring compliance with the latest regulations.

A specific software solution for waste management, Teixo is intuitive and up to date on regional and state regulations. It's secure and accessible in the cloud from any device. You can also set up alerts to be reminded about important dates and deadlines.

A key fact:
Waste management companies allocate up to 4% of their annual turnover to document management. For every tonne of waste, an average of €12.40 is lost in administrative costs. With Teixo, our clients are saving between €8 and €13 per document processed.

There is a version of Teixo for every client. An adaptable software solution, Teixo can be tailored to the needs and resources of every waste management company.

Our best guarantee of being up-to-date on legislation is our Teixo customer support team which constantly reviews changes in regulations on waste and participates in debates, events, talks and seminars with government agencies and industry associations.


We are your technological partner for waste management. We can provide you with an overview of your business from a single dashboard, helping you to respond faster to each client and their specific needs.

Teixo’s main features

Operations and Logistics

Streamline your operations with a single waste software solution, in the cloud and accessible from any device. Waste collection, orders, stock, inflows and outflows. Business monitoring and reminders. Connect Teixo to your ERP. Dashboard with an overview of your business.

Documentation and organisation

Centralise, generate, share and send all waste documentation from the same site. Authorisations and notifications of transfer, collection and transport. Historical data, business, vehicle and personnel data.

Regulations and Processing

Direct processing with all the autonomous regions and with e-SIR, ensuring compliance with all regulations. PDF and E3L. Error report prior to submission. Issuance of ISO certificates: 14001, 9001 and EMAS.

Finance and Accounting

Price quotes, delivery notes, orders, invoices, e-invoice (approved by the Spanish Tax Agency). Shipping documents, certificates and identification labels. Teixo can be integrated with your ERP or accounting software.

Modules, Integrations and Mobile Apps

Traceable Warehouse Module, Digital Signature Module, Integration with your scales, Integration with your accounting software, Teixo Logistics App and Teixo Signature App.

Specialised support and continuous training

Assistance from the specialised Teixo team for the implementation of Teixo at your company. Constant maintenance, resolution of doubts. Access to Teixo Academy (continuous training), webinars, guides and sector reports.

Companies that already use it

Teixo, tailored to every client

Teixo can be tailored to the requirements and resources of every waste management company. That way, you’ll never pay more than you need to, and costs won’t be an obstacle for the digitalisation of your company.

You can add modules, integrate Teixo with your business software or internal ERPs and connect it with mobile apps that facilitate the daily activities of your operators.

Teixo G

Geared towards waste managers, agents and dealers

Includes Teixo + Expandable with Traceable Warehouse Module, Digital Signature Module, Integration with your scales, Integration with your accounting software, Teixo Logistics App and Teixo Signature App.

Teixo S

Geared towards companies that already have their own ERP

Includes Teixo + Connection with ERP + Expandable with Digital Signature Module.

Teixo GP

To manage clean points

Includes specific Teixo for clean points.

Teixo use, training and support

What our clients are saying about Teixo

It’s a pleasure to have you on the other end. You provide so much reassurance, and we are thrilled to work with you».

Waste manager operating in Galicia.

«Whenever we’ve had a concern, it has always been immediately resolved. Your platform is incredible»

Waste manager operating in Comunidad Valenciana.

«You can tell that a lot of work went into it, especially to adapt to regulations. We couldn’t be happier with it»

Waste manager operating in Castilla y León.