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At TEIMAS we have a high specialization in strategic and operational needs related to sustainability, the circular economy and waste treatment. We have extensive knowledge of the environmental regulatory context, both national and international and an example of this are our main products: ZERØ, Teixo, TropaVerde and Gestores de Residuos:



As part of its Corporate Social Responsibility, all companies, but especially large companies, must be managed taking into account the impact that their activity generates on the environment.

ZERØ by TEIMAS is the platform that allows centralizing the operational and documentary control of all the waste generated by the company. In addition to ensuring documentary traceability, ZERØ extracts key business indicators that allow the development of circular economy strategies and policies to build a more sustainable world.

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Teixo Teixo


Teixo by TEIMAS is a solution based on SAaS (Software As a Service) aimed at waste managers, agents and dealers. It is perfectly adapted to RCD, WEEE, biosanitary, acid, mineral and vegetable oils, hazardous and non-hazardous waste, collectors, management plants, temporary storage centers, etc.

This software does not require installation, works on any browser and has specialized support. More than 400 waste management centers in Spain are already saving time and money in their waste management thanks to Teixo.

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TropaVerde TropaVerde


TropaVerde is a web platform that aims to promote recycling and environmental responsibility among citizens by directly rewarding good environmental actions.

The website connects the three elements necessary to achieve this objective: Citizenship, places where citizens can deposit waste and where they will be rewarded with TropaVerde checks; and those businesses and hospitality establishments that collaborate by providing prizes and/or discounts.

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Gestores de Residuos Gestores de Residuos

Gestores de Residuos

In 2010 we launched our digital newsletter in Spanish Gestores de Residuos ( in order to keep all waste management professionals in Spain informed daily.

Gestores de Residuos also has a printed version in English and Spanish that complements the compilation of sector news that we carry out on a daily basis in the informative portal of the same name. This publication is a national reference on information for professionals in the waste management sector.

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