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ZERØ, selected as one of the #101ExamplesForClimate

 2nd Feb 2022

ZERØ, the smart waste management platform developed by TEIMAS has been selected in the fourth edition of the 101 Business Examples #ForTheClimate for its climate commitment and ambition. Measuring impact, reducing emissions, public emissions, public reporting of actions and social mobilisation are just some of the areas of focus that have been of the focuses that have been taken into account in this year's edition. All of this, with the aim of meeting the 2050 decarbonisation targets.

Turning waste data into actionable information

Using a SaaS model, ZERØ digitalises all the operations of corporations in a way that is adaptable to each unique case, and is thus able to create and process all the necessary documentation for the correct transfer of each waste product. This tool has functions based on blockchain technology that make it possible to verify the traceability of the waste generated, thus controlling it from its origin to the final point where it is deposited, in order to certify its life cycle. It manages to centralise all the documentation and information on the waste generated in an organisation and ensure compliance with environmental regulations, while speeding up the preparation of inspections, audits and sustainability reports. In general, it allows:

  • Calculate and recommend the best treatment for each waste to avoid CO2 emissions. It is estimated that some best treatment recommendations can reduce the carbon footprint impact of an organisation's waste management by up to 80%.
  • Limiting the use of paper in waste operations by digitising all legal documentation of the activity.

It also helps to develop methods for automatically obtaining data provided by suppliers, to generate synergies and make strategic market decisions. To this end, it includes business indices (related to production, sales volume, HR, surface areas of centres, etc.) which, when cross-referenced with the data on waste generated, allow new KPIs to be established.

Since 2021, this platform developed by TEIMAS has been awarded the Solar Impulse Efficient Solution label by the Swiss Solar Impulse Foundation for products, services and technologies capable of protecting the environment in an economically profitable way.