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ZERØ, among Solar Impulse's #1000Solutions

 13th Apr 2021

The Swiss Solar Impulse Foundation has identified more than 1,000 technological solutions capable of protecting the environment in an economically profitable way. Among these solutions is ZERØ, the digital platform developed by TEIMAS for waste management in large corporations. These #1000Solutions will soon be presented by Bertrand Piccard, President of Solar Impulse, to political and business decision-makers.

Swiss aeronaut Bertrand Piccard sees ecology through the prism of profitability, understanding that today's solutions to the environmental crisis can create jobs, economic growth and increase profits, especially through greater energy efficiency. So much so that, through its Solar Impulse Foundation, it has identified more than 1,000 cost-effective and environmentally friendly technological solutions that can help accelerate the transition to a carbon-free economy and sustainable economic growth.

Among the 1000 efficient solutions selected by Solar Impulse is ZERØ, the digital platform developed by TEIMAS for waste management in large corporations, which was recognized in January 2021.

Solutions with high standards

Efficient solutions identified by Solar Impulse receive the Solar Impulse Efficient Solution label. And it is not an easy process, since only products, services, technologies and processes that meet verified standards of economic profitability and environmental sustainability receive this label.

In this way, the Swiss foundation provides high-quality solutions for companies and governments that want to meet their environmental commitments.

1000 solutions for governments and companies

In a statement on April 13, the president of Solar Impulse announced his intention to present these 1,000 solutions to governments and industry:

“We are here to support governments by providing them with the tools they need to achieve their environmental goals. This will enable them to create more jobs, grow the economy and improve the quality of life of their citizens, which is their election manifesto.”

To date, Solar Impulse has the support of 3,475 members and several partners including the European Commission and the UNFCCC (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change).

TEIMAS supports the efforts of the Solar Impulse Foundation to accelerate the implementation of solutions that can bring benefits to both the economy and the environment.