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We develop software that digitalises the waste value chain and promotes the circular economy and sustainability

We are TEIMAS, one of the few software companies worldwide specialised in digitalising the waste value chain. We help companies in their transition to the circular economy and decarbonisation in order to protect resources, the environment and people's health.

Our products

Our software solutions favour the reintegration of waste into the production chain to reduce the consumption of new resources.

Without technology, without digitalisation it would be very difficult for companies to implement their climate change plans and circular economy policies or to improve the efficiency of their processes.

Zero - For Waste-Producing Companies

Digitalises the waste value chain

Ordenador con Zero

SaaS platform for large or multinational waste-producing companies.

  • Centralises the monitoring of operations and documentation for all waste generated.
  • Ensures compliance with regulations and document traceability.
  • Robust, secure and integrated with other business software.
  • Software in the cloud (without infrastructure), adaptable to a multitude of workflows.
  • Extracts key business indicators for sustainability strategies (CSR, SDGs) and circular economy and decarbonisation policies, measuring the carbon footprint and Zero Waste in the company.
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Teixo - For Waste Management Companies

Automates to save time and money

SaaS software for waste management companies.

  • Generates and processes documentation for transfer, treatment and identification.
  • Controls processes, streamlines waste operations and product offers.
  • Simplifies procedures and brings peace of mind by ensuring compliance with the regulatory requirements.
  • Connected with all regional platforms and the state e-SIR platform.
  • Adaptable software in the cloud (without infrastructure).
  • Leading tool in Spain implemented in more than 700 waste management facilities.
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Ordenador con Teixo

Specialisation in waste, technology, regulations and support

Our company was founded in 2008 with the mission of using technology to protect the planet and people's health. We have therefore created digital solutions that simplify waste control, facilitate regulatory compliance and promote sustainable business in large corporations and waste management companies.

We want our technology to help organisations protect the environment in a cost-effective way. That’s why we make sure that our products are always updated to reflect the changes in environmental regulations. This, together with our thorough understanding of the problems affecting the entire waste value chain, allows us to offer a 100% specialised technical service.

We work with all the actors in the waste chain, regardless of their size or sector: from the Spanish government and small and medium-sized waste managers to our current collaboration with large corporations with an international presence.


Today, over 700 waste management centres throughout Spain and more than 15 multinationals and listed companies, use our technology.

We want to be your technological partner for the sustainability and circularity of your company. Your success is our goal.

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