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Our scope

Circular Economy , intelligent waste management and sustainability are the three pillars of our corporate culture. Adding value to these concepts guides and inspires our entire team.

Circular Economy Circular Economy

Circular economy

Faced with the culture based on "extract, manufacture, use and throw away", the circular economy emerges as a new economic model that imitates the natural life cycle, where nothing is wasted. The Circular Economy implies the use of resources in a more environmentally friendly way and "closing the loop" of the life cycle of consumer goods, favoring repair, reuse and recycling. In this paradigm, waste does not exist, it is valuable resources that have a utility.

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Waste management Waste management

Waste management

Waste management is taking on great importance for ecological and economic reasons. From the earliest times, when waste management was based on transporting it to a remote place and using incineration as a method of destruction, we have gone through a whole recycling process. In addition, awareness of waste generation has been improved, which has influenced the design of products, and their consumption, to generate the least possible waste.

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Sustainability Sustainability


By sustainability we understand the satisfaction of current needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet theirs, guaranteeing the balance between economic growth, care for the environment and social welfare. This is the origin of the idea of ​​sustainable development, as that mode of progress that maintains that delicate balance today, without jeopardizing tomorrow's resources. Environmental sustainability is one that places the emphasis on preserving biodiversity without having to give up economic and social progress.

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