Security policy

TEIMAS DESENVOLVEMENTO It is an entity committed with it improves continuous in the management of their services, by what has defined its mission and Vision of the business, as well as the political of security established for the achievement of such purposes.

Mission: be a benchmark in the development of software as a service (SaaS) available in the network Internet, providing solutions technological in the sector average environmental, managing them resources efficiently and contributing to the sustainability global, collaborating for this with administrations, companies and society.

VISION: be the leading platform of environmental management of waste at international level.

TEIMAS development policy aims protect information assets.

Security is a commitment of the company and the individual responsibility of each Member of the group, must be translated into concrete actions that reflect an image of TEIMAS development, which is identified with the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information under their responsibility internally and externally.

For this reason guide our actions to ensure that:

  • information is protected against loss of availability, confidentiality, and integrity.
  • The information is protected against access not authorized.
  • Its comply with applicable legal requirements.
  • The requirements of the business with respect to the security of information and information systems.
  • The incidents of security are communicated and treated properly.
  • Is establish procedures to comply with this policy.
  • Responsible for ISMS will be responsible for maintaining this policy, procedures and provide support in its implementation.
  • Them responsible of each area of business will be the responsible of implement this political and their corresponding procedures within its area.
  • Each employee is responsible for complying with this Policy and its procedures as applicable to your job

    The objectives of Security Policy at the strategic level are:

    • Ensure that the staff knows and understands the problems associated with information security and assume and are aware of their responsibilities in this area.
    • Provide guidance to establish standards, procedures and security measures to develop a system of information security.
    • Ensure the confidentiality of the information that our partners deposit and TEIMAS Desenvolvemento stored in information systems.
    • Maximize the availability and quality of services provided to our customers.
    • Reduce or eliminate hazards and risks inherent to our activities through continuous improvement of safety performance in our processes, products and services.
    • Ensure that our operations and current and future processes comply with current legislation regarding information security.
    • Maintain available to interested parties our this Policy as well as future developments of it.

    the Division will ensure compliance with these objectives.

    This Policy Security System will serve as framework for the establishment of annual targets, and for review. It will be revised periodically in order to verify their suitability to the actual modus operandi of the Company. In order to be known by the staff of the company, the Policy Security will be exposed publicly on the premises of TEIMAS Desenvolvemento .

    Management Date 09/01/2014