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TEIMAS obtains three ARDÁN indicators in 2021: “Gender Equality Company,” “High-Performance Company” and “Well-Managed Company”

Nov. 2, 2021

ARDÁN otorga a TEIMAS los indicadores «Empresa Igual en Género», «Empresa de Alto Rendimiento» y «Empresa Bien Gestionada»

The right tool

Oct. 4, 2021

These days, especially if you aim to minimize waste production, reduce your environmental footprint, and target continuous improvement, you need the right tools to detect potential patterns and their causes.

Waste-producing companies: most common situations in the management of your waste

Sep. 14, 2021

TEIMAS has published in 2021 a “Guide for waste producers”, aimed at entities that generate waste during the execution of their productive activity.

Teixo renews its website

Jul. 22, 2021

Teixo, specialised waste management software developed by TEIMAS, renews its website to offer a better experience to waste managers, agents and traders.

ZERØ, among Solar Impulse's #1000Solutions

Apr. 13, 2021

The Swiss Solar Impulse Foundation has identified more than 1,000 technological solutions capable of protecting the environment in an economically profitable way.

e-SIR: the new electronic procedure can be used from March 17

Mar. 11, 2021

En este artículo te explicamos cómo te afecta el uso de esta nueva plataforma si eres profesional del sector residuos.

5 basic concepts for companies producing waste

Mar. 3, 2021

¿Tu empresa produce grandes cantidades de residuos? Conceptos básicos que has de conocer para gestionarlos conforme a la normativa española.

TEIMAS is awarded the Solar Impulse label for its digital platform for intelligent waste management

Jan. 29, 2021

Solar Impulse Foundation recognizes ZERØ as an economically profitable technological solution that contributes to environmental protection.