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TropaVerde TropaVerde


TropaVerde Europe is a TEIMAS project to promote environmental responsibility among citizens. In the form of a web platform, awareness of the importance of recycling, directly rewarding good environmental actions.

The TropaVerde website connects the three elements necessary to achieve this objective:

  • The citizenship.
  • The places where citizens can deposit waste and where they will reward us with TropaVerde checks.
  • Those businesses and hospitality establishments that collaborate by providing prizes and / or discounts.

The operation is very simple: every time a citizen deposits a waste in one of the waste disposal sites assigned to the program, they receive a check with stars (points). The citizen can accumulate these stars in his account (prior free registration on the web) to exchange them for the discounts and gifts that appear on the TropaVerde website. The rewards are contributed by the shops and hospitality establishments that collaborate with the platform.

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