Press release. Teimas Desenvolvemento. Wednesday April 19, 2017.

In early April, the Ministry of Agriculture and Fishing, Food and Environment (MAPAMA) published on its website the new protocol of electronic exchange of waste, agreed with the Autonomous Communities.

Through this protocol, private companies and public entities will be able to exchange the mandatory information for the traceability of wastes, established in the Royal Decree 180/2015 regarding transfers as well as in the Law 22/2011 of wastes and polluted soils. To this end, it has been necessary the development of the environmental communication standard E3L, widely used by the wastes management sector, to a new version, 3.0, introducing major innovations.

Teimas Desenvolvemento, a technology company specialized solely and exclusively in the wastes management sector, has published a new version of its Teixo tool, developed to generate information compatible with this new proceeding and the E3L 3.0 format. As a result, Teixo is the first software tool for the wastes management sector compatible with the new proceedings.

Considering that on December 1st 2017 it will be necessary to operate with the E3L 3.0 format, Teimas offers itself to the Public Administrations (Autonomous Communities and Ministry), business groups as well as to the private sector (producers, transporters and managers) to collaborate in the development of the electronic processing and the effective control of the traceability of waste, in a simple way and reducing administrative costs.

In 2016, Teixo software was used in 170 wastes management centers throughout the national territory, representing a 20% increase over the previous year. These 170 management centers provide waste management services to more than 41,000 waste producers and generators, subcontracting 1,700 transporters and collectors.

Teixo also generated over 1.665 million environmental documents in E3L 2.3 format over the past year, resulting in a millionaire time and cost saving, by simplifying bureaucracy, providing the required legal documentation and avoiding sanctions, in an increasingly regulated sector.

As in previous years, figures confirm the effectiveness of Teixo as a tool in the integral waste management, facilitating the work of the waste management companies and optimizing their administrative and technical resources. In short, it results in time and costs savings.

Since its release into the market five years ago, the platform has been constantly growing, becoming a national benchmark. Currently, the success of Teixo is being exported and Teimas Desenvolvemento is in an international projection process.

About Teimas Desenvolvemento

Teimas Desenvolvemento is a company specialized in the development of technology for the recycling and waste management sector. Among its projects they are: Teixo. Integral management software for waste management companies; The site. A catalog of waste managers as well as the current news of the sector; The GAIA environmental information platform, developed for the Autonomous Government (Xunta de Galicia);Tropa Verde. A citizen awareness project.