Teimas, atechnology company specializing in the waste management sector, has signed acollaborative agreement with Enxendra to enable Teixo users, software developed by Teimas, immediate provision ofInformation via the SIIsystem. Enxendra control about 200 waste management plants in Spain andwill apply a discount to users accessing the SII system from Teixo.

The SII system is a new electronic system for thetelematic declaration of VAT registered accounts, which allows operations carried out by companies to be immediately communicated. With this system itwill no longer be necessary to present the models 340, 347 or 390.

The SII system became law on July 1, 2017 and ismandatory for more than 62,000 Spanish companies. The obligation applies tocompanies that must self-assess VAT on a monthly basis. These companies are:

  • Large companies, with a turnover of more than 6 million euros.
  • Companies registered in the monthly return system (REDEME).
  • Those who apply the regime of the group of entities included in Chapter IX of Title IX of VAT Law.
  • And any company can voluntarily join the use of the SII system.

 About Teimas: Teimas Desenvolvemento is a company specialized in the development of technology for the recycling and waste management sector. Amongits projects are Teixo, integral management software for waste management companies; The portal Gestoresderesiduos.org, manager's catalog and current news of the sector; The Gaia environmental information platform of the  Governmentof Galicia (Xunta de Galicia)  and the citizen awareness project Tropa VerdeGReTel is the tool developed by Teimas with which Telefónica digitizes waste management in 17 countries.

About Enxendra: Enxendra is a technology and innovation company dedicated to creating electronic billing, digital signature and electronic voting services. Since2009, its mission has always been to develop innovative and easy-to-usesoftware so that companies can exchange their documentation electronically. They have offices in A Coruña, Madrid and Barcelona. They have thousands of customers on the online solution and participate in large projects for major brands.