Santiago de Compostela.- July 24, 2017. TheDepartment of the Environment, Agriculture y Fisheries of The Balearic Islands has awarded Teimas Desenvolvemento the service to develop a software program in Waste services: SINGER (Integrated system for notifications and Management of files)

This is the second environmental information platform for a regional government's department developed by Teimas, the first being
ICT's responsiblity in Galicia todevelop the GaIA platform. Like the Galician platform, SINGER will be incorporated in the Balearic Islands as the only access point for all agents of the waste sector: managers, producers,transporters and control bodies, among others. SINGER will communicate with other environmental information systems at state and European level.

SINGER will facilitate and simplify the companies' compliance with their environmental obligations by allowing the exchange of information in the new version3.0 of the E3L and provide new electronic processing of information related to registrations and authorizations of activities related to waste.


SINGER will have a module for the management of environmental entities, a register of producers, waste managers and transporters and a third module for the management of waste shipments.


About Teimas: TeimasDesenvolvemento is a company specialized in the development of technologyfor the recycling and waste management sector. Among its projects are Teixo, integral management software for wastemanagement companies; The portal portal, industry website reporting on the recycling and waste management sectors; Gaia platform of environmental information of the Government of Galicia and the education project aimed at promoting environmentally responsible attitudes by the general public, Tropa Verde. GReTelis the tool developed by Teimas with which Telefónica digitizes wastemanagement in 17 countries.