The Ministry of Ecological Transition plans to publish a technical guide for the classification of hazardous waste, in view of the legislative changes and interpretations on the classification of waste that have been taking place since 2014. This guide, which includes the criteria for the application of "mirror codes", aims to (1) provide guidelines for the classification of waste according to the regulations in force and (2) complement the 2018 communication from the European Commission "Technical guidelines on the classification of waste".  In addition to the publication of the guide, the modification of the Royal Decree on the shipment of waste is foreseen, which will incorporate important novelties in the legal regime of shipments and their processing.

Therefore, Asegre has organized a Conference on the characterization and shipment of waste in which renowned experts from the Ministry of Ecological Transition and the companies AGQ Labs and Teimas will present these new features and discuss their content.

The event will take place on 30 January 2020 at the Centre of the Madrid Chamber of Commerce, calle Pedro Salinas 11. Registration can be made through this page.

10:00 h. Reception attendees

10:30 h. Characterisation and classification of waste: Inés Iribarren. Ministry of Ecological Transition and María Luisa Pérez Fernández. AGQ Labs

11:45 h. Coffee break

12:15 h. Royal Decree on the transfer of waste: Margarita Ruiz Saiz-Aja. Deputy Director General of Waste. Ministry of Ecological Transition and Cristina Vázquez (TEIMAS, experts in software for waste management).

13:45 h Closing

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