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Ecolex takes another step in its digital transformation with Teixo and Docuten's integrated digital signature

 21st Dec 2020

With the adoption of the electronic signature integrated in Teixo and validated by Docuten, Ecolex will be able to save up to 80% of the costs compared to traditional document signatures.

Ecolex, under the solutions of TEIMAS and Docuten, leads the process of digitalization in waste management, which is required by the Royal Decree 553/2020 in June 2020 in the processing of its transfer.

Recuperaciones Ecolex, a Galician company with more than 15 years of experience in the integral management of industrial, hazardous and non-hazardous waste, takes another step forward in its digitalization by replacing the manual signature with the electronic signature of a large part of its waste documentation.

In this way, since November and with the incorporation of the electronic signature integrated in Teixo and validated by Docuten (a company specialized in digital signature services), Ecolex aims to reduce its environmental impact, improve its administrative management times and save up to 80% of costs compared to traditional document signature.

Ecolex saved more than 40,000 euros in document management with the use of Teixo

In 2012 Ecolex began a process of document digitalization through the online platform Teixo and its mobile application Teixo Logística. With them, Ecolex has already generated more than 25,000 regulatory documents, saving more than 40,000 euros per year. Behind these technological solutions is TEIMAS, experts in software for waste management, and now the digital signature Docuten integrated in the software for waste management Teixo.

Waste management in Spain: a complex sector, facing a digital transformation coming from Europe

With the use of Teixo and now Docuten in its digital signature, Ecolex has been leading the way in the digitalization of a sector for 8 years, which since June 2020 has become mandatory with the entry into force of Royal Decree 553/2020.

This Royal Decree states that the documentation of the shipment of waste must be processed electronically. From this date, the Administrations will have to adapt within 1 year, so that professionals who still work with paper documentation will have to review their document management and operational process.

The coronavirus crisis has accelerated the digitalization process in companies, in a trend that is also being driven by the European Commission's Green Deal. This project for green reindustrialization is accompanied by investments in technology and support for digital transformation in companies, which will affect professional waste management.