Cadena Cadena


CADENA is traceability in waste shipments through blockchain.

Spanish legislation, European directives and social and economic trends have a significant impact on the relationship that a company has with the waste generated from its activity. Any company that produces waste is responsible for it until final treatment. However, industrial waste goes through different stages and intermediaries from when they leave the center where they are produced until they are treated in a plant enabled for this purpose.

In general, CADENA's objective is to provide truthful and certifiable information about the final treatment of the waste it produces.

Cadena diagram

On the one hand, Teixo already covers the needs of waste managers and transporters, while ZERØ does so with production companies. Our blockchain traceability product aims to offer an immutable, distributed record and, therefore, easily certifiable by third parties on the movements of waste that occur in the sector. It is a need that some system had to cover and TEIMAS is the right company to implement and promote it.

CADENA is a system that:

  • allows the recording of movements between waste agents,
  • it's independent,
  • protects sensitive business information,
  • it can be integrated with external applications and
  • It is verifiable by an external certifying entity.