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The right tool


As we mentioned in our previous publication, one of the main problems faced by waste-producing companies is heterogeneous data: each center has specific circumstances, every supplier has its own way of reporting, each region has its own demands, etc. This represents a major challenge when collecting, unifying, and analyzing data to obtain an overview of your company’s performance.

These days, especially if you aim to minimize waste production, reduce your environmental footprint, and target continuous improvement, you need the right tools to detect potential patterns and their causes. For this, some organizations use reporting programs or Excel-style spreadsheets, entering data manually to be processed later. Is this useful? Yes, without a doubt. However, it requires a significant time investment for your entire team, and transcription errors are always possible. Are there any alternatives to typing in all your data by hand? Fortunately, the answer is yes. With 13 years of experience creating software solutions for waste management, we understand the different challenges faced by waste management and waste-producing companies. Among the alternatives to manual data entry, we can highlight the following:

Generic HSE and ERP software integrations, so the data transferred to one doesn’t have to be transferred manually to the other. These systems help you save time, but the disadvantage is that they usually can’t be adapted for specific circumstances or for a particular country’s waste regulations. Therefore, they don’t meet all the needs of a waste-producing company.

Specific software for waste operations, like ZERØ, that is developed to not only for integration with other tools, but also to automatically capture data from all sources. You can also use it to generate the documentation required by law, to create reports with your data, and to discover how waste management impacts your carbon footprint.

ZERØ is the product of TEIMAS’ experience in software development and its vast knowledge of the waste sector. If you work at a waste-producing company, be sure to request a free demo of what ZERØ can do for you.