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Law 553/2020 Law 553/2020

“Waste shipment: background and news” shows the keys to the law 553/2020


The Spanish Official State Gazette BOE published on June 19th the law 553/2020, which regulates the transfer of waste within Spanish territory. Among the changes in the new regulations are the establishment of a common electronic waste information system (eSIR) and the content of treatment contracts and identification documents. This new law limits successive storage and simplifies the regime applicable to shipments of waste under municipal jurisdiction.

These and other changes were discussed on June 30 by Cristina Vazquez, computer engineer specializing in waste shipment and director of waste software Teixo, during the webinar Waste Shipment: background and news. The online session was organized by Gestores de residuos and Teimas with the collaboration of Asegre, Aproema and the Gremi de Recuperació de Catalunya and was attended by 246 people.